Setur Marinas was awarded for its environmental education efforts


Setur Marinas, Turkey's leading chain marina operator, was deemed worthy of an award for its environmental education efforts in Ayvalık, Kaş and Yalova marinas at the award ceremony organized by the Turkish Environmental Education Foundation (TURCEV).

Providing services to sea enthusiasts with the motto "Set sail for new horizons", being respectful to nature and in compliance with OHS norms, Setur Marinas returned with 3 awards from the award ceremony organized on the 30th annivers... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas introduces a groundbreaking development in the maritime sector: "Credit Payment System" Simplifying Customer Transactions


Setur Marinas, the foremost chain marina operator in Turkey, has introduced another unique opportunity within its marina network. Customers can now benefit from the Credit Payment System, a pioneering initiative in the marina industry developed in collaboration with Yapı Kredi.

Thanks to the Credit Payment System (CPS) launched in collaboration between Setur Marinas and Yapı Kredi, marina customers can effortlessly settle their payments at Setur Marinas without the need for a credi... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas Met with Sea Enthusiasts at Bosphorus Boat Show


Setur Marinas, a leading marina chain operator in Turkey, presented innovative investments and unique privileges as it participated in the country's largest on-land boat show, the Bosphorus Boat Show, from 17 to 24 February.

With great anticipation, Setur Marinas eagerly participated in Turkey's largest and the world's second largest on-land boat show, the Bosphorus Boat Show, to meet with sea enthusiasts and offer special opportunities exclusively for the duration of the show. Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas will be at Boot Düsseldorf the world's largest yacht fair, on January 20-28


Setur Marinas, Turkey's leading chain marina operator, will meet with boat and sea enthusiasts at Boot Düsseldorf, one of the most important boat fairs in Europe, which welcomes many visitors from all over the world between January 20-28, 2024.

As one of Turkey's leading maritime and marina operators, Setur Marinas continues to maintain its impressive international presence. In this context, Setur Marinas will be exhibiting at Boot Düsseldorf, the world's largest and most prestig... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas Awarded to Racers at the 34ᵗʰ Marmaris International Race Week


The 34ᵗʰ Marmaris International Race Week was organized by Marmaris International Yacht Club (MIYC) and hosted by Netsel Marmaris Marina. Setur Marinas gave awards to the winners at the award ceremony held at Netsel Marmaris Marina.

Setur Marinas, the leading chain marina operator of Turkiye, supported sailing enthusiasts at the event held within the scope of the 34ᵗʰ Marmaris International Race Week. Awards were presented to the winning competitors by Setur Marinas representatives... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas participated in Tourism Investment Forum


The Tourism Investment Forum, organized for the third time this year by the Turkish Tourism Investors Association (TTYD), was held in Istanbul. Setur Marinas, the leading chain marina operator of Turkiye, also attended this special meeting organized in the strategic partnership of the Investment Office of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkiye and the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), of which TTYD is a member.

The Tourism Investment Forum, considered as the most comp... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas participated in Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina Conference with its sustainability projects


As the leading marina operator of Türkiye focusing on sustainability in all its operations, Setur Marinas participated in the Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina Conference, which was held for the third time this year on 24-25 September, with its special project of Ayvalık Marina.

Organised by Monaco Marina Management, and attended by many companies from around the world, the Smart and Sustainable Marina conference brings together key players, investors, marina developers, archit... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas has obtained the ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Certificate once again this year thanks to its successful customer management efforts.


As a result of the audit evaluation carried out by TÜV SÜD, one of the world's leading evaluation organisations, with its work focusing on customer satisfaction, Setur Marinas has managed to receive the ISO 10002:2018 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate for the second time this year.
Having stated that they were to continue their efforts to further improve customer satisfaction standards, Setur Marinas General Manager Emre Doruk,
resumed his ... (Click For Detail...)

Yacht Agency services from Setur Marinas at all marinas


Setur Marinas, Turkey's leading chain marina operator, is introducing a new one to the unique opportunities it offers with its chain of marinas. The Yacht Agency Service, where yachters can perform many of their procedures easily and safely, is now available at all marinas of Setur Marinas.

Satisfying the needs of seafarers in all its marinas from north to south, Setur Marinas is now offering a new service to yachters. Launched back in 2001 at Setur Marinas Kuşadası, the Yacht Agency ... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas Introduces Rib & Refit Park in Ören


Turkey's leading chain marina operator Setur Marinas opens Rib & Refit Park in Ören, providing winterization on land, boat maintenance and repair services.
Setur Marinas continues to offer solutions that will make life easier for sea enthusiasts with the motto " Set sail to new horizons". Setur Marinas Rib & Refit Park, which has started providing services in Ören, offers its services with the assurance and quality of Setur Marinas to boat owners who prefer to spend the winter season on l... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas environmental awareness was registered with -REC International Renewable Energy Certificate again!


Setur Marinas crowned its environment awareness this year after last year, getting an I-REC International Renewable Energy Certificate that is issued to those companies taking the energy consumed by them from renewable sources in 2022.
During such process, we certified that all of the 14,655 MWH of electricity we consumed in 2022 was generated from 100% renewable energy sources with I-REC certification.
By purchasing green energy equal to 14,655 MWH in 2022, we zeroed our Sc... (Click For Detail...)

The meeting point for sea enthusiasts, Setur Marinas' content platform "Highlights"


Setur Marinas brings together all new and original stories about the sea with its new content platform "Highlights". Setur Marinas, which pioneered the development of marinership in Turkey, has been bringing its new content platform Highlights to its readers since 2022 with the aim of strengthening the bond between its members and contacting all sea lovers. Aiming to play a greater role in the development of maritime culture and maritime media, a significant portion of the content on Highligh... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas and TURMEPA Celebrated The Environment Week at Kalamis Marina


Setur Marinas, Turkey's leading chain marina operator, hosted Kadıköy Zühtüpaşa Primary School students as part of World Environment Day activities in cooperation with TURMEPA
Focusing on sustainability efforts with the mission of bringing unique solutions to environmental problems, Setur Marinas celebrated Turkey Environment Week with an activity held on Tuesday, June 6 at the Kalamış Port Area. In the event organized in cooperation with TURMEPA, handicraft works were made from waste ma... (Click For Detail...)

Sea-Loving Women Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Republic by Sailing


The crew of the Tutkumm boat, sea-loving women, set off on a new and meaningful adventure. The experienced team is sailing on two separate routes starting from Bodrum on May 19, 2023, the 100th anniversary of our Republic, covering the Aegean Sea, the Marmara Sea and the western part of the Black Sea.
As a Turkish flagged boat with a female skipper and female crew, Tutkumm, a first in the Adriatic ports, is once again leaving themselves to the blue waters to send messages of peace to the... (Click For Detail...)

Setur Marinas hosts the 1K course of the 18th International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship with the participation of British Record Holder Swimmer Ben Proud


In 2023, the first stage of the International Arena Aquamasters Swimming Championship, which will be held in series in Antalya, Bodrum, Göcek and Marmaris, will take place in Konyaaltı and Kemer Municipalities of Antalya, the pearl of the Mediterranean, on May 05 - 07, 2023
Setur Marinas, which pioneered the development of marinership in Turkey, will host the 1K "Setur Marinas Open Water Swimming Championship"
race organized in Antalya as part of the champion... (Click For Detail...)