Setur Marinas Ranked Among Türkiye's Best Workplaces for the 4th Time in a Row

Setur Marinas was selected as one of the Best Workplaces in Türkiye in the Kincentric Best Employers 2022 survey conducted among employees by Kincentric, one of the world's leading companies in the field of human resources and management consultancy. Setur Marinas thereby received the award for the fourth time in a row as a result of the 2022 survey.

Setur Marinas ranked among the Best Workplaces in the Best Employers Program in line with its Human Resources activities focused on employee engagement. The Best Employers Program is based on more than 50 years of surveys conducted by Kincentric, one of the world's leading companies in the field of Human Resources and Management Consultancy, to measure workplace excellence.

In 2022, alongside Employee Engagement, the companies that received the "Kincentric Best Employer" award in Türkiye were determined also according to the indices of "Agility, Engaging Leadership and Talent Focus".

Having uttered his delight to have won the award for the fourth time in a row, Emre Doruk, General Manager of Setur Marinas, further stated that: “Thanks to the performance system we have implemented, our employees can now set more liberal and realistic goals, and manage their goals more flexibly through a permanent dialog with their managers throughout the year. We often put emphasis on the social activities, and the time shared together. We have a hybrid working system that has been implemented in our company for about 3 years. This enables us manage our working days and hours with an innovative perspective that allows employees to manage their work-life balance more flexibly. Thanks to our listening and needs-oriented practices, we may closely monitor the demands and expectations of our employees. We understand the demands and expectations that will arise during the year and quickly implement our actions accordingly. We always prioritize our understanding of a communication-oriented and accessible Human Resources department under the motto of transparent communication. We keep our employees equally informed by way of ensuring department-specific conveyance of any and all of the developments in our company to the tiniest details in the community meetings we plan specifically for our employees. We are very happy to receive this award, and we will continue all our HR processes with the goal of increasing employee satisfaction.”

Having been in practice for 20 years, the Best Employers (the Best Workplaces) Program has been implemented worldwide in 78 different markets, while the last 5 years alone witnessed the inclusion of over 4,000 various companies within the program. Having been in practice for 16 years since 2006, the Best Employers (the Best Workplaces) Program is among Türkiye's first and most widely participated workplace surveys in this field.